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Food basics, or, You know you’re in America when…

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I’m currently visiting Maryland to do some speaking and writing and am privileged to have the run of an apartment on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay while I’m here. My hosts kindly sorted me out with some food basics to get me started. The choice of basics made me smile:

  • 1 gallon milk (1%)
  • 1/2 gallon OJ (some bits)
  • 1 jar peanut butter (smooth)
  • 1 jar raspberry jelly
  • 6 packets microwave popcorn
  • 4 apples, each the size of a grapefruit
  • 1 bunch bananas
  • assortment of granola bars
  • peanuts, 1 sack
  • monster trail mix (peanuts, raisins, chocolate chips, M&Ms), 1 sack
  • ground coffee, 1 sack
  • butter, 1 stick
  • Philly, 1 tub
  • ketchup, 1 bottle
  • French’s mustard (well of course!), 1 bottle

Yup, I’m in America alright. It sure beats orange squash, cheesy wotsits, and Marmite.

i thank You God

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Today’s clear blue sky weather put me in mind of this poem (probably my favourite) from e. e. cummings, who wrote most everything in lower case back before it was cool — it’s called yes:

Polish sky i thank You God for most this amazing
day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth
day of life and of love and wings: and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any–lifted from the no
of all nothing–human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)