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Earn £10 for psychology of religion online study

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I’m currently looking for Christians of all types to take part in an online questionnaire study I’m running. Volunteers who complete the study will receive a £10 electronic voucher for

To see if you are eligible for that study (which, if you are a UK-based Christian aged 18+, you almost certainly are) you would first need to join the participant panel. That involves completing a short questionnaire at

The participant panel manager, Kirsten Barnes, will then get in touch with everyone who is eligible and invite them to do the £10 online study.

Just ask if you’ve any questions about what it would involve.

The power of social norming

Friday, July 18th, 2008

You know those whip-rounds that go on occasionally for a leaving gift or thank-you gift for someone at work or in a group you belong to? Well, think for a minute how you go about deciding how much to give. There might be all kinds of influences on your decision: how well you know the person, how much you like the person, how grateful you are for their service, your perception of their need, what your income is, and so on.

But that’s probably not all.